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2017 Who's Who

May 1, 2017 kjohnson10 Blog



Class Favorites:                       Savannah Day & Erick Aguilar


Most Likely to Succeed:         Audria Wood & David Minton


Class Clown:                           Kyara Miliner & Greg Collins


Best Dressed:                          Jennah Moore & Larry Smith


Most Athletic:                         Haley Troup & Damon Williams


Friendliest:                              Christina Santiago & Malone Johnson





Class Favorites:                       DeAsia Aaron & Elijah Campbell


Most Likely to Succeed:         Emily Snow & Ryan Sparks


Class Clown:                           Asia Samuels & Staley Dawson


Best Dressed:                          Hallie Johnson & Ahmad Bell


Most Athletic:                         Mary Kinley Hill & Jaelyn Fleming


Friendliest:                              Grace Sekaya & Sam Womack





Class Favorites:                       Jovie Edwards & Kyle Parker


Most Likely to Succeed:         Anne Roberts & Josh Kelley


Class Clown:                           Aniya Williams & Jay Miller


Best Dressed:                          Mikayla Byers & Jay Taylor


Most Athletic:                         Lauryn Williams & Jamontez Woods


Friendliest:                              Sarah Slater Hicks & Keyshawn Taylor





Class Favorites:                       Lindsey Cotton & Quinton Densmore


Most Likely to Succeed:         Emma Kamran & Carter Cooper


Class Clown:                           Haley James & Lucas Eubanks


Best Dressed:                          Kylie Grimmett & Trey Woods


Most Athletic:                         Samantha Avery & Tray Blount


Friendliest:                              Keara Washington & James Amberson