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Foreign Language Club

Latin, French, German, and Spanish!


Club membership is open to all students currently enrolled in a Foreign Language class, students who have already completed one or two years of Foreign Language, those who are registered for a Foreign Language Class next semester and to all foreign exchange students. Dues are $10.00 and members must participate in a minimum of three club activities. After these obligations are met, Foreign Language Club will be placed on the student’s permanent record.


Club Activities are designed to promote the study of Foreign Language and its related culture in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Some activities also provide students the opportunity to be of service to the community.


Although the activities may vary from year to year according to the decisions of the officers, the activities listed below are pretty standard. All activities are free to members if the membership fee is paid, and guests may be invited to some of the activities for a nominal fee.

Ice Skating

The club rents out the local ice skating rink and the students enjoy an evening skating. To add a flair the club provides Spanish, French, and German music and dances. Afterwards, the club members are provided food and drinks.

Salvation Army

Foreign Language Club helps this organization raise money at Christmas. The club may also bring food and clothing that will benefit the community of Etowah County.

International Dinner

The International Dinner is attended by students in all the Gadsden City High language clubs: Spanish, French, German, and Latin. Students prepare dishes typical of the culture they study or those of their heritage. With the participation of exchange students and the various minority students of both Gadsden City and Gadsden State, the variety of cultures represented can prove to be enjoyable. Students are encouraged to sample all the different foods.

Movie Night

The Club shows different films that deal with the different cultures/Languages. Members go free and guests are one dollar. Each person attending also receives a beverage and popcorn. Members are also free to bring their own refreshments.

Advisor: Lisa Loyd
President: Harsh Sinha
Vice President: Mckenzie Clark
Secretary: Skylar McMahan
Treasurer: Soore Oguntuyo