Ninth Grade Academy


  • Ninth grade assistant principal – functions similar to a building principal for the 9th grade faculty.
  • Ninth grade administrative assistant – provides instructional leadership and assists with disciplinary issues.
  • Faculty – is assigned based on total number of students school-wide and course requirements. Faculty members are a part of the overall high school staff and will be assigned classes as such.
  • Location – Freshmen have the majority of their classes in a separate instructional environment.


The Ninth Grade Academy is an extension of the High School. It is a school of students, teachers, and parents working together in cooperative learning teams to plan specific strategies for individual student success.

Mission of the Ninth Grade Academy

The mission of the Ninth Grade Academy is to educate the student and make the student’s transition to the secondary school setting a smooth one. It provides a nurturing environment, enhances self-esteem, promotes responsible citizenship, fosters desires for life-long learning, and develops skills necessary for future success in life. The focus is to reduce failures, reduce discipline referrals, improve attendance, and improve student/teacher/parent relationships. Desired outcomes include increased student achievement, lower dropout rates, improved attendance, and increased grade-level promotions.


  • To improve academic performance.
  • To improve communication between home and school; administrators and teachers; and administrators/counselor/teachers and students.
  • To improve accountability and responsibility of all 9th grade students.
  • To instill self-respect and respect for others in all 9th grade students.


  • Teachers work as interdisciplinary teams, not as subject exclusive departments; however, teachers will also remain involved with their subject area departments.
  • Teachers representing the core curriculum areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) meet during a common planning period (when scheduling permits) to standardize expectations and plan interdisciplinary assignments. They also plan team conferences with students and parents as necessary.
  • Teachers work to identify common problems and to discuss possible solutions. Such problems include, but are not limited to classroom discipline and meeting the special needs of individual students.
  • Teachers strive for continuous improvement. When possible, faculty members conduct research, participate in workshops, and visit other schools, bringing valuable insights and staff development to the ninth grade faculty.