Raider Team

Discipline is the standard!

Raider Team Oath

I am a cadet raider in the Gadsden City High School JROTC program.
I hold allegiance to my school and devotion to my fellow cadets above all else.
I proudly recognize my obligation to be a loyal and honest person.
I am a highly motivated and extremely dedicated cadet raider, eager to assist my fellow Americans.
I will promote by personal example, the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.
I will strive to merit the respect of others, seeking self improvement and knowing I did my very best!

The Raider team at GCHS is like no other. LTC. Davenport accepts nothing but the best cadets on his team. He expects his Raiders to be physically tough, mentally strong, and morally good.


Raider Team training is different from anything else you will learn in school. The Raider Team at GCHS does physical training exercises, knots, fire building, map reading, rappelling, land navigation, and warrior challenge.

Camping Trips

One weekend a month the GCHS Raider Team and Etowah Raider Team go out for a three day and two night stay in the woods where they train and basically do what Raiders do.

Warrior Challenge

One camping trip out of the year the Etowah Raider Team and the Gadsden Raider Team go out for three nights of challenges and competition in land navigation, PT, and survival situations.

Instructor: LTC. Davenport

Practice Time: 3:15-5:00