Library Policies


a. Teachers are encouraged to utilize the library facilities, materials, and equipment. Teachers can view the open dates/blocks for the library by logging on to the school’s website ( Click on the CALENDARS link at the top of the page. Click on LIBRARY to see the times the library is open to assure space is available at the desired time. The teacher may then email a librarian to reserve the specific time. The teacher should remain with their class in the library to assist with instruction, questions, and discipline.

b. An individual student may use the library during school day with a pass from the teacher. The pass should be presented to the librarian when the student arrives in the library. The student must then sign-in on the STUDENT LOG NOTEBOOK at the circulation desk. The student should not leave the library except to return to class.


a. Students are expected to exhibit proper behavior while in the library and to respect the rights of others to have a quiet place for reading and studying

b. Students are not allowed to have cell phones or other electronic devices in the library (see the Gadsden City Board of Education policy on Student Electronic Devices in the student handbook).

c. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the library—no exceptions.

d. Students are expected to put chairs back in place, pick up paper, and return books to the proper place before leaving the library.


a. Students are required to show some type of ID to check out library books.

b. All books, audiovisuals, and equipment must be checked out at the circulation desk for use outside the library.

c. All regular circulation books are checked out for a period of two weeks and may be renewed by presenting the books for renewal.


a. A fine of ten cents ($.10) per day per book is charged for overdue books.

b. Students with overdue books and/or fines of $1.00+ will not be allowed to check out additional books until books are returned and/or fines paid.

c. All loans are the responsibility of the person to whom the loan was made. Students are liable for the cost of lost/damaged books.


a. Computers are available in the library for students to access the Internet for research and for word processing.

b. Students must have a signed Technology Resources Agreement on file before utilizing computers. Students are expected to follow the Gadsden City Board of Education’s Policy Regarding the Legal and Ethical Use of Technology Resources, Electronic Mail, and the Internet

c. Printouts/copies are available at a cost of $.10 per page for black text or $.25 per page for color.


a. Teachers are requested to notify the librarian if audiovisuals/equipment are not operating properly so the item(s) can be checked and repaired.