First Priority

First Priority Each Wednesday at 7:20 a.m.

First Priority is a place where Christian students can meet on campus to be encouraged and to be challenged to live and share their faith at school. It is free to join, you can join anytime, and anyone can join. We meet every Wednesday in the Driver Education Room at 7:15 AM. Refreshments are served, so you don’t miss breakfast. We have a different speaker every week from throughout the community. We also have some teachers and students that come and share the love and the message of Jesus Christ.

Join us every Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. in the Driver Education Room!
Refreshments are served; you won’t miss breakfast!

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First Priority is a city-wide church vision with a comprehensive plan of action for churches, students, parents, and community leaders that will create Unity, Resources, Mentoring, and Strategy within your city, your community, and your campuses to reach and disciple a generation with the love and message of Jesus Christ.


Raising Leaders,
Reaching A Generation,
Restoring Our Nation

Become a Student Leader

Your school campus is your mission field. You can make a difference on your campus by sharing Jesus with other students. All it takes is a passion and a plan.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to help you succeed as a student leader on your campus:

Pursuing a passionate commitment and a personal plan for campus evangelism.

  • Am I passionately pursuing a growing relationship with Christ?
  • Am I consistently praying for my friends, classmates, and family?
  • Am I looking for opportunities to share my faith in Christ with others?
  • Do I know how to tell others about a relationship with Christ?
  • Do I have a personal plan to reach others at my school?

Being a part of a peer accountability group that encourages students to live and share the life of Christ.

  • Am I meeting regularly with Christian friends from my campus?
  • Do I have specific friends who encourage me and hold me accountable to live for Christ?
  • Am I daily encouraging my friends and helping them be accountable to live for Christ?

Uniting with all Christian students (as the body of Christ) to fulfill the Great Commission at their school.

  • Do I understand the meaning of The Great Commission?
  • Am I and my group of Christian friends helping other Christians on campus live for Christ?
  • Are we as students leading in developing ministries to reach our campus?
  • Are we targeting specific groups of students to present Christ on our campus?

Prayer Box

Our First Priority prayer box is located in the Driver Education Room (A-114). Each week, one of our sponsors will pray over the box. You can drop by anytime and place your request(s) in the box. No one but you and God will ever know what you put in the box, not even the sponsors. If you would like someone to pray with you, please feel free to go to one of our sponsors anytime, they would be glad to help.