Spanish National Honor Society

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

¡Bienvendios! To the Gadsden City High School chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society! We are a group of dedicated students interested in the Spanish language, Spanish culture, and community service. S.H.N.S. members are encouraged to go to cultural activities, language competitions and community events, as well as social club get-togethers where we sample Hispanic cuisine and enjoy each others’ company. The primary focus of our society, however, is service and academics.


Our chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society, Capítulo Greco, named for El Greco, a famous Spanish painter, was founded in 1976. Our current sponsors are Sra. Loyd and Sra. Valdez. We currently have about 35 members. To become a member, one must be in Spanish II, be of good character, and meet various grade criteria.

The Spanish National Honor Society, or Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. To find out more about this nationwide organization, go to the AATSP website.


  • Be enrolled in Spanish II or above
  • Be of honorable character
  • Have no Spanish semester grade below 85
  • Have a 90 overall average of all Spanish class semester grades
  • Attend a total of 4 (officers attend 6) meetings per school year
  • Be an active participant in the Induction Ceremony
  • Complete 4 service hours per semester

Members of S.N.H.S. must complete 4 service hours per semester. This requirement for new inductees and second semester seniors is lower. S.N.H.S. will offer at least 2 service projects per year. To complete the remaining service hours, any other GCHS service club can count for the S.N.H.S. requirement. To validate these hours, students have to turn in a log sheet stating the date of service, description of the event, and the signature of the club sponsor. This log sheet is due in March of the student’s senior year. Meetings are held bi-monthly starting in September of each school year. There are a total of 4 meetings (6 total for officers), and attendance is mandatory. Once you have missed a meeting, every additional meeting you miss results in one extra service hour; if you miss more than 2 meetings, you could be expelled. Also, remember to check in with the officer with the attendance sheet; if you forget, you may have to do make-up hours.

Service Credit

Graduation Cords

Seniors who are active members of S.N.H.S. at the time of their graduation get to wear a red and yellow cord around their robe at graduation. Cords cost $10, and they are yours to keep.

College Application

National Honors Society is an excellent organization to list on your college application, especially if you held an officership in the chapter. Sra. Jones and Sra. McKenzie have written many letters of recommendation.

Officer Application

Officers are elected in April of every school year. Applicants are carefully screened, and the top three candidates for each position are chosen by Sra. Jones and Sra. McKenzie, and the current officers. If you wish to become an officer, you must fill out an application. ¡Saludos!


Capítulo Greco has 4 officers—president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The secretary keeps track of attendance and takes minutes of the meetings. The vice president assists the president in all of his/her responsibilities. The president has the responsibility to coordinate all of the club’s activities and supervise club functions. All officers plan the two service projects for S.N.H.S.