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Upcoming Events

JULY 2 - Girls Basketball 5-7pm
JULY 6- Girls Basketball 10am-12noon
JULY 6, 8 & 9 - Varsity Football Workouts 7:30-11:00am
JULY 6 ,8 & 9 - 9th gr. Football Workouts 8:00-10:30am
JULY 7 - Girls Basketball 4-7pm
JULY 7 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 8 - Girls Basketball 10am-12noon
JULY 9 - Girls Basketball 5-7pm
JULY 9 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 13 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 13, 15 & 16 - Varsity Football Workouts 7:30-11:00am
JULY 13 ,15 & 16 - 9th gr. Football Workouts 8:00-10:30am
JULY 13- Girls Basketball 10am-12noon
JULY 14 - Girls Basketball 4-7pm
JULY 14 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 15 - Girls Basketball 10am-12noon
JULY 16 - Girls Basketball 5-7pm
JULY 16 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 20 & 22 - Varsity Football Workouts 7:30-11:00am
JULY 20 & 22 - 9th gr. Football Workouts 8:00-10:30am
JULY 20-31 - BAND CAMP::: JULY 20-21= ROOKIE CAMP 8am-12noon
JULY 22-31= FULL BAND 8AM-5:30PM
JULY 20-23 - Cheer Practice 6-8am
JULY 24 - Cheer Practice 7-11am
JULY 27-30 - Anticipated week for Orientations (Grades 9-12)
AUG 3-7 -Pee Wee Cheer Clinic - Titan Youth 8am-2pm
AUG 3 - Football Practice Begins
AUG 4-7 - Teacher Inservice Days





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Dear Coaches/Team Sponsors/Directors/Parents:
In addition to highlighting the 2014 Class 7A North Division State Runner Up /Class 7A Regional Football Champions, cheerleaders and band, the 2015 FALL MEDIA GUIDE will feature, at NO COST, all fall sport teams and groups choosing to participate. For those choosing to participate, the 2015 Fall Media Guide will allocate a full black and white page to include a group picture, the team roster, the team schedule and a picture and names of the coaches/sponsors/directors. If any individual member or specialized team group (such as senior members) would like additional pictures included in the 2015 Fall Media Guide, they may purchase additional pages (order form attached). Additionally, if you would like your group’s full page to appear in color, the color page may be purchased. *Note: Middle School participants will be allocated a half page black and white at no cost.
The Deadline to reserve your page allocation in the 2015 Fall Media Guide is Friday, May 15, 2015.  Even if you have had a page in the program in the past, it will not be reserved this year unless we have your order form by May 15, 2015.  After May 15, 2015, the reserved pages allocated for fall participants will be released for additional advertising pages.  Reserve your allocated page by completing the attached order form and returning no later than May 15th.  Forms may be turned into the office at Gadsden City High School.
No later than July 24, 2015, we need the template for your page which will include:  

  • Group Picture
  • Team Roster
  • Team Schedule (if applicable)
  • Coaches’ picture and names

Team/Group/Individual Pictures: Please note the deadline of July 28, 2015, for pictures to be submitted (not taken), and schedule accordingly this summer. Pictures must be in a digital format for transfer to your page and should include a corresponding information sheet with correctly spelled names.  We will use the information you provide.  If the information is inaccurate or incomplete, it will appear that way in the media guide. If pictures are not submitted by the deadline, the following caption will appear: “Photo not available at time of publication.”
All pictures and advertisements should be print ready in a digital format (pdf, jpg, etc.) Note, if pictures and/or advertisements are not provided in a digital format, they will be scanned to a digital format which can result in a distorted or grainy appearance. 
The printer has given us a deadline of August 1, 2015, to deliver the print ready product.  The Fall Media Guide is much larger than the football program from prior years and takes more time to produce.  DEADLINES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Please forward all requested information and correspondence to BOTH: and     

Click Here for the Order Form