Rifle Team

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Marksman: A person who is skilled in shooting at a mark.

The Rifle Team at GCHS trains to be the best of the best, and only accepts that. Two days out of the week they go to the rifle range and fire at targets that are about one inch in diameter from 10 meters away (33 feet). In order to hit those targets in the center it requires correct breathing, steady aim, steady position, and a good trigger squeeze. One flaw in any of these four marksmanship fundamentals will throw your shot off by an inch and cause the shooter to miss the entire target. If you make the cut (only five people are chosen for the team) you will continue to train with the team to perfect the three firing positions.

Prone: The prone position is the most stable out of all three. This position is where you should get most of your points. The position requires you to lay on your stomach and support the rifle with your elbows, shoulder, and the ground. If you are new at shooting the prone position is the best way to start.

Standing: The standing position is next in line. The most unstable of them all. The reason this position is the most unstable is because you have nothing but your arms supporting the rifle and believe me, strength is half the battle. Tips for this position are relaxation, to pull the rifle into your shoulder as firm as possible, and if there is a sling present wrap your non-firing arm into it and pull it towards you. The four fundamentals are the most important in the position.

Kneeling: The kneeling position is somewhat stable, but not as stable as the prone position. You fire while on one knee while the other knee supports your arm, which supports your rifle. The reason this position is so unstable is because the shooter has a tendency to move more do to the fact that he/she is balancing himself and the rifle. Comfort is the key in this position.

Instructor: SFC. McCoy

Practice Time: 3:15 – 5:00